LLC «Spetsstroy»

109542, G. MOSKVA, UL. Hlobystova, D. 8, PF. 10

+7 (495) 984-02-94

Our company is the exclusive representative of high efficient heat exchanging equipment «HEATRIC» in Russia. Innovation designs of company «HEATRIC» in the area of thermal mass transition permitted to get the best technical characteristics in the segment of heat exchanging equipment. Main advantages of plate heat exchangers manufactured by «HEATRIC» in comparison with shell and tube ones are as follows:

  • High efficiency of heat exchange;
  • Reliability, easy maintenance;
  • Wide range of thermal and bar working characteristics;
  • 4 to 6 times smaller and lighter (at the same temperature regime, flow rate and pressure drop);
  • Have a very small difference in temperatures at the end of a heat exchanger (1-2° С);
  • Are designed in accordance with the customer’s demands in order to get maximal heat transition at the admissible pressure drop;
  • Can be designed for work under pressure more than 600 bar;
  • Are not subject to pulsation impact from pressure and vibration;
  • Are manufactured from alloy of stainless steel and titan corrosion and deformation proof;
  • Low hydraulic resistance of heat streams;
  • Possibility of leading heat exchanging process at almost all values of pressure drop and heat exchanging mediums;
  • Needs no place for tube stacks that leads to additional economizing of space;
  • due to its smaller weight and overall dimensions are easier in transportation, the transport costs and building and installation ones are reduced;
  • No necessity of annual maintenance.