LLC «Spetsstroy»

109542, G. MOSKVA, UL. Hlobystova, D. 8, PF. 10

+7 (495) 984-02-94

Joint Stock Company «Spetsstroy» offers its customers dozing units, mixing units and pumps in original design.

Our equipment permits to doze and mix mediums with a set of standard subject to modeling user-friendly units and systems designed in correspondence with you technical specifications’ requirements.

Maximal working ranges:

  • Dozing from 0.4 cm3/min up to over 40000 l/hour at pressure from 7 bar up to 700 bar and at temperature from -70°С up to +300°С
  • Volume mixing from 0.010 m3 up to 10000m3 at pressure up to 250 bar and temperature up to 350°


  1. Horizontal pumps centrifugal multi-stage. This type is used for increasing water pressure in water supply system and is installed into pipeline gap;
  2. Console centrifugal pumps. They are mainly used at low volumes of pumping water.
  3. Well centrifugal pumps. They are used for individual water supply and have a large number of modifications that adds to fulfill a number of tasks.
  4. Vortex pumps. This type enters the group of self-priming pumps and have a number of restrictions in maintenance;
  5. Gear pumps. Are used, as a rule, for pumping highly polluted water and viscous mediums. This group of equipment is rather expensive both in buying and in maintenance.